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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  May 14, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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next on msnbc saturday. it's a catastrophe. thousands of people in louisiana bracing for a devastating broke in the mississippi that may destroy everything they own. a live report straight ahead. also coming up, an x-rated discovery in the bin laden compound. what's with the porn found in his hideout? plus, why will a woman get the chance to blind her attacker? >> and he's not ready for prom time. the fight for a high schooler's right right of passage goes global. good morning. welcome to msnbc saturday. it's 11:00 a.m. in the east coast. we have develop lg news this hour on the raging mississippi river. wir waiting on a decision from the army corps of engineers about when they plan to open
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emergency flood gates in louisiana, intentionally flooding millions of acres of land. this to save baton rouge and new orleans. when the spillways open some time in the next 24 hours, seven parishes aare expected to be nooded with reart levwater leveh as 25 feet in some region. the worst flooding in years has swallowed up parts of some neighborhoods. tom with another good morning to you. just how bad is the flooding in slix burg? and is the worst yet to come? >> the worst is yet to come. it should be about thursday. it will even out at 57.5 feet. that will break a record selt back in 1927. that was the worst flooding in a generation. back then it was the 56 feet. so we're talking more than a foot and a half of water coming through here, topping the previous record. more than 2,000 homes in mississippi have been evacuated.
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most of the areas are in low lying areas outside of the levy protection system. it's right next to the most fertile hunting grounds in the state of mississippi. this has impacted residents. it's also impacting a lot of the wildlife as well. they're pushing them to higher ground, and you're getting more encounters with animals and wildlife that you're not supposed to. wildlife officials are telling people if they come this contact with any of the animals to stay away from them. for their safety and the safety of the animals as well. back in vicksburg they shut down highway 61 north. that's a major thoroughfare in the area. the water sh now going over the roads, making it impassablimpas. a le vis have been shored up.
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they've going doing that all week. they believe this will hold in plals. a lot of people are nervous and trying to get out ahead of these waters as it comes on thursday. >> you can about imagine. you're talking about this double whammy for folks dealing with horrific levels of water, trying to get everything they can. they're also looking for water moccasins and alligators. any reports of injuries? >> well, some of the neighborhoods did report they saw alligators. one did claim a dog. luckily we haven't heard of fa tills with humans. as you can imagine, these are interactions that aren't supposed to happen. you push alligators outside the normal environment. they're pusherred closer to these neighborhoods. eventually something will happen. >> tom trung. thank you for the live report.
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let's go to bill karins. he's tracking the path of the floodwaters for us. good morning to you. >> good saturday morning to you, alex. record flooding on the mississippi. we've been talking about it for the past two weeks. we'll see the worst this week. we're watching the crest where you see the flashing pink light. that's north of greenville, mississippi. we don't bring the crest to greenville for the second all time highs on monday. then we get to record territory. these kres are all going to break records. we do it in vicksburg on thursday. it's not until a week from today that we get that record. then to the south of there, we should are the record crest level on sunday of next weekend. that's how scloe of a disaster it's been. here's the forecast for your weekend. not a pretty day of it in the ohio valley. a lot of rain, cloudy and cool conditions from illinois to ohio. chicago and detroit not looking at the best weekends. could be on the strong side
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through theca carolinas. saturday is probably your dry day. sunday we'll see heavier rains move in through your region. especially northern fenew engla. they could get drenched. that's a look at your weekend forecast. back to you, alex. >> bill, thank you for that. also more details on historic flooding this hour. for the latest news and updates, vis visit an iranian woman blinded by an exlover was scheduled to get her revenge today. she was supposed to be allowed to pour acid into the eyes of her attacker who did the same thing to her. the punishment was put off. no new date has been announced. the bureau chief in tehran has the latest for us first question, anything more in terms of details as to why the punishment was delayed after being approved by the court?
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>> no, alex. we don't have any reason why the punishment was delayed. woman in question was outside the courtroom saying she had spoken to the news channel. they may have been a reason. it was in the 11th hour they decided not to do it. it may happen as soon as tomorrow. also i have to add that the lady who was attacked was outside the courtroom. her and her mother were both very agitated that they weren't allowed to meet out this revenge. they were holding up their court paper, showing they had been given permission to do this. he were very upset they weren't able to carry out the punishment. she had flown back from spain to do this. it may happen as soon as tomorrow. >> yeah, it's just a crazy story all the way around. as we look at the pictures of the still photos taken inned the courtroom. we see this woman. she's there at the podium pleading her case. we see the gentleman in that yellow sort of checked sweater.
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that's the man who did what to her? we know he poured acid. what happened? what was behind the story? >> well, what he kept trying to get this offer to marriage to this young lady who wasn't interested. he kept pursuing it and pursuing it. became almost like a stalker to her. one day when she was leaving university, he followed her into a quiet side street and he was holding a bucket full of acid, which he flew on her face. then the guy went underground. he disappeared for a while in 2005 he handed himself to police. the police said that the man's family was complicit in doing this. they encouraged him to do this. this is not uncommon in iran. men often throw acid in their face. she said i'm not doing this for revenge. i'm doing this to stop other people from doing this to young
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women and ruining their lives. it caused controversial with human rights group who said the punishment is hand them out to torture. >> it starked a lot of discussion in the newsroom. it's a thought pro voccing case. thank you for bringing us the latest case from tehran live. president obama says it's time to drill. in his weekly address. he wants new drilling in alaska and the gulf of mexico. we should increase safe and responsible oil production here at home. last year america's oil production reached the highest level since 2003. i believe we should continue to expand oil production in america. even as we increase safety and environmental standards. >> joining me now, mike viqueira. another good saturday morning to you, mike. >> good morning, alex. >> as we talked about the house republicans who passed three bills speedi inin ining up offs
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drilling, how do the republicans' plan compare to those. >> they say it's baby steps. all sides will agree nothing can be done in the short term to lower the skyrocketing price of gas. the last we checked a couple of days ago. the whole sale price of oil seems to be dropping. so everyone is holding out hope that the price of gas will sink. they're not taking any chances at least politically and in terms of policy. the governor said before he wants to increase drilling. it's been sources of the so-called new energy economy. solar, wind, bio mass and the like. he has said he wants to increase domestic drilling. to that end today he's proposing expanded drilling in the gunmlff mexico, off the coast of alaska, expanded drilling in a vast area on the north slope of alaska known as the national petroleum reserve there. he wants oil companies to have
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more access. allow them to bid more frequently on oil for exploration purposes. the president is also taking out again, yet again, after oil companies, after they posted near record profits saying the $4 billion in annual subsidies they get is outragetrageous. we need to stop giving them the money considering all the money they're make manager the first quarter of this year, particularly. much of it do to the fact that oil prices are so high. the fight continues in the senate. they'll have a vote later this week. last week in the republican controlled house, a vote on expand pa expanded drilling. it becomes less and less likely there will be an agreement here in washington, alex. >> the president has foreign policy on his agenda.
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particularly the middle east. the king of georgia is here on tuesday. on thursday a visit from prime minister netanyahu. george mitchell is trying to broker a peace between palestinians, between the arab world and israel has quit. he said he only wanted the job for two years. you look at the facts. you look at the lack of progress. you look at anger to begin the settlements on the west banks in that disputed territory. look at the spring. all the flux in arab leadership around the region and egypt and tunisia. the big speech coming up thursday here in washington. >> thanks so much, mike. we invite you to watch "meet the
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press, tomorrow. any high school guy could tell you, asking a girl to the prom can be tough. this week when a connecticut teenager decided to make the big flash with his inveighation. his school dpintd it row mantdic. now web is on fire with this story. he has supporters all over the globe. the principal says rules are rules. mara has the story. >> reporter: it all started with the writing on the wall. late last week in the dead of night, shelton high school senior james tate and two friends dragged a ladder to campus taping this on the wall. would you go to prom with me? >> i figured i would do something special and do it big. ro rodriguez said yes. school officials said no, suspending tate and his friends from trespassing and banning him
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from the june 4th prom. as news spread, so did the outrage. >> i think it's ridiculous. >> and it went viral. supporters gathered online, enchanted by the romance of it all. thousands tweetding words of encouragement. it has nearly 180,000 fans. the town's mayor says he's been inundated with e-mails from far beyond connecticut. >> china, japan, australia. >> every last one supporting tate. >> it doesn't make sense. there has to be common sense. >> but not everyone has been swayed. thursday the school's headmaster made one thing clear. rules are rules. >> students receiving an inschool or out of school suspensisu suspension would not be allowed to go to prom. while tate is sorry for the message on this wall. i'm sorry. it won't happen again from me. i would like to go to prom very much with her.
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>> online supporters vow to keep up the fight on this one. >> mara schiavocampo, shelton, connecticut. of all the revelations about the raid at osama bin laden's compound the one making headlines today may be the most surprising. why in the world was pornography found at his hideout? plus, by invitation only. why is the pentagon thinking of allowing families of f guantanamo bay detainees to visit them? is this a good idea e [ female announcer ] experience dual-action power,
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six men have been charged by the united states as providing material support for the
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pakistani taliban. two are american citizens living in miami. a 76-year-old man and his 37-year-old son. they're both u.s. citizens. another son of the 76-year-old man, a 24-year-old living in north lauderdale florida. all three u.s. citizens being charged in connection with three others in pakistan that have yet to be found. chorjed with providing financing to the pakistani taliban. one man was arrested in pakistan. the other were will be appearing in court in miami at 1:30 p.m. this coming monday. we'll have jack jacobs join us and tell us the significance of the oirs of these three men and in total six people charged in providing support for the pakistani taliban. u.s. experts say they're not surprise ad huge stash of pornography was found during the raid on osama bin laden's compound. they seized five computers, ten
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hard drives, 110 hard drives, a number of which contained x-rated imagery and rid owe footage. it's not clear if it belonged the bin laden himself, but similar material was discovered during raids on other al qaeda hideouts. and while his hideout may have been hooked up to the internet. he was more than familiar with e-mail. according to the associated press, a mountain of data shows the al qaeda leader was not only an active online communicator, he took great pains to keep it all a secret. good morning, matt. >> good morning, alex. >> we'll all so curious on how this happened. tell us about the system he had in place and how it worked. >> it's a throw back.
11:21 am
some call it sneaker net. you don't go online. you type up your message. so he had a computer that wasn't hooked up to the internet. he would type up his e-mails, his long messages and save it to a thumb drive. he would give it to a courier to head off to an internet cafe to e-mail from the yahoo address, whatever. he would e-mail it to somebody else and down load the incoming necessary imaginmessages on his drive. >> some thought he was hiding out in caves somewhere in pakistan, ask this a surprise to investigators? >> if you asked them before they got bin laden how do you think he's communicating? there would be some variation on this system for sure.
11:22 am
because they thought he was in the tribal regions, there was probably an assumption that he didn't have this level of access to computer and e-mail. certainly they were surprised by the breath of his ability to communicate. >> what does this say about bin laden's level of trut? placing that information in the hands of one courier, and does it give insight to the u.s. officials about the way al qaeda operates. >> we don't know how able he was to pull the levers. he was operationally involved. what they don't know is did he have the ability to cinsi synch attacks? while this is an operationally secure operation that he's running, it takes a long time to get a message out this this way. so we don't yelt know if he had the ability to synchronize attacks. just how deeply was he involved
11:23 am
in this? >> we mention ad mountain of data. have we gotten any kand from other evidence gathered in the e-mail? >> we know they've pulled phone numbers. that's one of the things they're going to be back to look at. you can expect more national security letters on phone numbers or ip addresses. you can expect to see them working overtime. >> i bet. thanks so much. she's becoming a household name. why is a picture of her sister causing so much controversy? and why is one major city putting a leash on dog owner ship? at aviva, we wonder why other life insurance companies treat you like a policy, not a person. instead of getting to know you
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photographs connected to the royal family. one is a documentary maker's use of the prin diana. and more racy photos of pippa middleton. neil sean is a royal watcher who joins us from london. another good morning to you, neil. >> hi, alex. how are you? >> i'm well. hope you are, too. unless you've seen this documentary regarding her death. what's the backlash around it? well, it's not good obviously. the film makers are looking at maybe showing the documentary in a cinema which will have a certain amount of audience. it's a shocking documentary. and the big talking point is the unfortunate scene of the use of a picture of the late great
11:28 am
princess diana. that's the hope for this guy. >> of course, it sound like an effort to get massive publicity, speaking of which, neil, massive publicity speaking is not new for the tabloids. they're doing it at pippa middleton's expense. >> she looks hot. she's a gorgeous girl, right? we've moved on slightly from kate because she's married. this girl is single. she's dating but kind of single. she's a beautiful young lady. these pictures were taken privately a few years ago. she put a complaint in, but that really won't withhold. the person who sold the pictures is a friend. i don't think they're friends anymore. but she looks great. she's on the front cover of every magazine here in the u.k. >> just go with it, pippa. all right, neil. thank you very much. just one dog?
11:29 am
that's the new policy in shanghai. aply named the one dog policy, each household will only be able to have one dog starting tomorrow because of an overwhelming number of registered dogs. pet owners who haven't registered dogs yet will have to give them away. that's not good.
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at the bottom of the hour we're returning to breaking news from the newsroom moments ago. six individuals have been charged from support for the taliban in pakistan. three charged are american citizens living in miami and north lauderdale. the other three reside in pakistan. let's get more in terms of perspective on this breaking news. the details here. we have two american sit zns. one arrested in los angeles.
11:33 am
the other two in the home in miami. what kind of support will they provide to the three still on the run in pakistan? >> they have the goods on these guys. they've been looking at them for a long time. it's oo easiest thing to track. they have the guys on tape. so it's possible when they get convicted that go to jail for 15 years. it's a federal wrap. they'll have to do the large majority of that 15 years. they can't get off on parole. >> how do they get the information? is it wiretapped? >> it is? >> it is. they get to a judge and get a subpoena. and they take these guys talking about what they're going to do. they also have to show intention. not enough to demonstrate that they're just aiding in the transfer of money. they have to show the intent to
11:34 am
assist terrorists. they got that on wiretap. in addition to this that, the 76-year-old man is also an imim. imam. >> that's at a mosque in the miami area. his son is also an imam at another mosque. what does that do in terms of cultivating, well in this case i'm not going to say home grown terrorists but u.s. citizens that are terrorists? these men are originally from pakistan? >> yes, they are. but it's very easy in a large country that's free to establish anything you want, anywhere. this is a good opportunity, however, to continue to use the wiretap to trace other people related to the group. may be others as well.
11:35 am
provide material aid to terrorists. and it doesn't have to be terrorists here. >> thanks. >> you're welcome. >> right now victims are being urged by state governor haylie b ba haley barbour to register for federal aid. a bit further downstream in louisiana the residents are bracing for the opening of emergency flood gates. that will divert water away from baton rouge and louisiana while intentionally flooding other areas. let's talk about the reports saying the spillway will be opened in the next 24 hours or so. that will be made at a 3:30 eastern time press conference. that will not happen before the announcement. when do you think that is going to happen? when will the flood gates be
11:36 am
opened? >> we are at the 2:30 central time press conference here. we expect to taupe the gates shortly thereafter. >> shortly after this. which means people in these seven parishes that will be affected, how certain or confident are you in knowing that everyone will be safe? >> we've been working with the louisiana state police and national guard and all the local enforcements. everyone knows. they've been doing a great job of of informing the citizens of the potential for flood iing. >> what kind of flooding are we talking about here? are these people going to lose everything? >> well, first of all, it's called the floodway for a reason. it's a floodway. there are areas that are not
11:37 am
inhabited at all. the federal government paid for that a long time ago. this is a system wide approach. it's been in place for several years. the people who live there say potentially we hay have to operate this fill spillway. other people are are not used to this. they know where they live. we are looking at water probably not for the next three or four days. >> so again, you're saying people know this is an area in which they live. the potential for this always happening. but some will lose everything because of this. if that is the case, how will they be taken care of? >> certainly.
11:38 am
we have no regulations from fema. the people who live in the floodway know about this every year. we live in louisiana. we have flood insurance. homeown homeowner's insurance. >> we'll be watching for what happens and wait for word on what happens with this later. thank you, rachel. >> thank you. >> the process of picking a jury in the casey anthony trial is still under way in nl. those jurors selected will have to spend eight weeks away from home. casey anthony denies killing 2-year-old caylee. the presidential primary season is heating up. mike huckabee will announce if he's running for president. earlier i spoke with john harwood about huckabee and the rest of the gop field.
11:39 am
ed rol lins believes he's not running and concludes that he's not. if he got in the race he would be a formidable candidate. the obama whaite house takes hi as a formidable opponent. he's on television. he's making speeches. does he want to disrupt that life for a shot at the nomination knowing so many business republicans don't like him? they think he raised taxes too much in arkansas. if he got in the case it would be formidable. it feels like he's not going to. >> give me the read on mitch daniels. the gop really wants him to run. laura bush called daniel's wife sherry to encourage her to support a presidential bid by
11:40 am
her husband. they also see him as someone who could survive a general election. he was controversial when he said we need to focus on the best compromise we can get. if we can't get plan "a" we go to plan "b" and "c." he also said we should have a truce. those are reason stans that could appeal to the middle of the electorate. it's clear his wife has reservations about the race. people i know who are close to daniels say they believe it's more likely that he will enter the race. if you're outside the mitch daniels family, you don't know. we're all guessing.
11:41 am
>> we i think vit you all to "meet the press" tomorrow. still ahead. the pentagon considering allowing families of detainees at guantanamo bay to visit them. and go everywhere. to help revitalize a neighborhood in massachusetts. restore a historic landmark in harlem. fund a local business in chicago. expand green energy initiatives in seattle. because when you're giving, lending, and investing in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen. [ male announcer ] the davis twins... ...are alike in nearly every way... ...right down to brushing their teeth. so how did only one get gingivitis? well, one in two people do. so i told karen about new crest pro-health clinical gum protection toothpaste. it helps eliminate plaque at the gumline,
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a former pop star is now at the helm in haiti. he was sworn in as president today in front of the collapsed ruins of haiti's national palace. it is the 50-year-old's first job in politics. he won the march 20th runoff election. during his campaign he promised to build new houses, develop agriculture this the economy and build a modern army capable of responding to dasts like last year's that killed 230,000 people. the u.s. is considering a change in policy to allow some detainees to have visitors. there's still 1 72 -- 172
11:45 am
detainees left in guantanamo. emily day joins us from the washington bureau. jack jacobs joins us here in studio. ladies first here. could the new policy change happen soon? is there a lot of discussion ahead of this before anything could happen? >> i think the latter. there will be a lot of discussion. the pentagon hat noint isn't acknowledging that they're considering such a change. but we are hearing from lawmaker who is have serious wes. collarly in the house republican side. so i think this is going to be a slow process if it ever, in fact, gets to an actual change. >> and if there, jack. do you think this will happen? >> it may eventually happen. it probably will happen. it's going to be after a long, long discussion. don't forget it has to be funded in some way. the last time anybody tried to do anything about guantanamo, that is the president of the united states tried to close it. the appropriations committee
11:46 am
decided they would not permit the writing of the checks to make it happen. i know there's been a backlash on capitol hill, but why do we still have it? i want it from a military perspective? >> well, it's very difficult to do anything about the people who are going to be there without trying them. bring them back to the united states. you have to put them somewhere. nobody wants them there. and the administration here now realizes the lodgist call and legal messes are best handled down there. some of these detainees are cleared to leave. why can't the president find oo
11:47 am
place to send them? have they bartered with other countries? isn't this something that would have been anticipated? >> absolutely. they've been trying to work with countries for years now actually. they've slowly been able to find some country who is have accepted to take one or two at a time. t a very slow process. just as no one in the u.s. wants a former guantanamo detainee in their backyard rkts not many other countries want former guantanamo detainees either. >> jack, are we trying to send the most high valued, if you will, the most hardened of guantanamo bay detainees? would they be tried to ship out? or might that be put behind bars in the u.s.? they're not going anywhere? they're going to stay forever. there are 170 or so detainees there. there are 48 of those will be
11:48 am
leave i leaving shortly. but despite the fact that we released detainees. there used to be a lot of them. from time to time we run into them on the battlefield. many have been killed or capture. there are some of them, they're not going anywhere. nope, it doesn't matter if somebody wants to take them. they're not leaving. >> based on that information, are those on capitol hill that would suggest the ze tan knees should detainees? we're meeting on the battlefields again. is there an argue to keep them where they are? >> absolutely. you're seeing that in congress right now. there's a lot of republicans who are pushing for specific language in bills that are moving through congress to tie the president's hands, restrict
11:49 am
and put conditions on who he can release and when and to what countries. there's already language moving through congress to do all those things. you'll see more of that now that the republicans are in power. >> emily, thank you. jack jacobs, thank you for joining us. sadly, it is a familiar trip to millions of americans. the unemployment line. the direction one man took changed his life forever. tidioun emily skinner, each day was fueled by thorough preparation for events to come. well somewhere along the way, emily went right on living. but you see, with the help of her raymond james financial advisor, she had planned for every eventuality. which meant she continued to have the means to live on... even at the ripe old age of 187. life well planned. see what a raymond james advisor can do for you.
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new details on the raging mississippi as it heads straight for louisiana at 3:30, they expect to release when they plan to open the morganza spillway. they say the gates won't be opened before that presser, and they said they will be opened sometime shortly after that
11:53 am
announcement, so it is definitely coming up soon, everyone. what that will do is put about 3,000 square miles underwater to save the state's two largest cities of baton rouge and new orleans. modest good news on the unemployment front. fewer people applied for benefits this week, but the jobless rate remains high. the stories of those that lose their jobs, there's many of them out there. in his new book, etre the cow, he tackles the topic in a unique way. the author joins me. good morning. >> your french is tres bien. >> before you talk about the book, what happened with your job? >> like many workers in the united states, i had dutifully done my job, working for a large corporation. never missed a work, never took a lot of vacation time, never took a sick day. by all accounts, i was an excellent worker, negative got a negative review or negative
11:54 am
e-mail from anybody. so one day i walked into the office like millions of americans and was handed my pink slipped. it sucker punched me in the jaw, took me by surprise and by all accounts, didn't deserve it. it really wounded me. i felt embarrassed, i felt humiliated and ashamed. i wondered why was i so naive to this problem out there. >> how did you go from getting on the unemployment line to walking on the street and putting yourself in a cow pasture. >> it happened the day i was laid off. i was passing a cow pasture i had passed every day on the way to work. there was a lone bull looking through the fence. i was like that's how i feel, i feel powerless because i yont have worked any better and
11:55 am
herded place to place. so i started hopping fences through the florida community, i would call it extended trespassing, living with the cows. >> you got these remarkable insights, relate it in an al gore cal way in the book. what made you decide to write it? >> it is written in the mind of a pasture bull, because we all glaze on different pastures but are all second to one event, one job loss away from bankruptcy. why are we so powerless. why is it okay, in the united states of america today, that you can layoff a good worker without good reason. when did that happen. as i was shown the door, they said hey, it's just business, it's not personal. why isn't it personal. >> you're like it is personal to me. >> if they send your life into a
11:56 am
tail spin, why shouldn't that be a personal decision. >> you could just tell your story, make a book out of it, but you chose to do it in a fiction way. >> i think fiction works better. i don't mean to throw myself into the same proverbial pasture as george or well, but people compared the two to the current situation. and basically, that is timeless, it is a critique of society. an easy way to critique society through a parable, through a metaphor. it is really not about a cow or bull, it is about all of us. you will learn what it is like to be a cow and how powerless you feel, but when you read it, you will learn what it is about to be a human reflect on your life and see how powerless you are in your life financially, emotionally, stable. >> check it out. the cover of the book. etre the cow. it is all good. it is a short book, a very
11:57 am
interesting read, certainly speaks to our times. that is a wrap of our live msnbc coverage. stay with us for updates as news happens. up next, "lethal beauty." i'm alex witt. see you tomorrow. until then, have a great day. co. calm down. i know that it is not your job. what i'm saying... excuse me? alright, fine. no, you don't have to do it. ok? [ male announcer ] notre dame knows it's better for xerox to control its printing costs. so they can focus on winning on and off the field. [ manager ] are you sure i can't talk -- ok, no, i get it. [ male announcer ] with xerox, you're ready for real business.
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